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RIB Beams

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Custom Crete manufactures High Strength Concrete Rib Beams which are a component of its Engineer approved Rib and Block Flooring System.

The Rib Beams are an integral component of the Rib and Block system.

Custom Crete’s lintels are manufactured with a crimped prestressing rib beam wire (1550 -1700 MPa) according to SANS 1504 -1990.

Each Rib Beam contains 5 x 5mm diameter pre-stressed wires, which are prestressed to approximately 75% of their ultimate tensile strength (UTS).

The Rib Beams are manufactured with shear connectors (made from 6mm round bar) placed at approximately 800 / 1000mm.

RIB Beam Specifications

Length (mm) Made to Order
Width (mm) 110
Height (mm) 70
Code Rib
Texture Smooth
Average Unit Weight (Kg) 17Kg/meter
Compressive Strength (Mpa) 50
Quantity p/m² (along 110 x 1000) 9.1
Weight Kg/m² 154.5
Average Density 2.3


RIB Beam Applications

  • Component of Custom Crete's Rib and Block Flooring System
  • Cost effective, quick installation, proven technology, safe
  • Structurally stable – the Rib Beams are designed to have a 50Mpa Compressive Strength at 28 days
  • Suited for residential, industrial and commercial buildings

RIB Beam Delivery

Minimum Order Quantity

  • Delivered in user defined amounts (lengths) on a project by project basis
  • Rib Beams form part of the Rib and Block delivery
  • Custom Crete's Rib and Block flooring system components combined, typically weigh an average of 200kg/m2

Orders smaller than the minimum order quantity may incur additional costs.