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Fig 8 Kerb

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Custom Crete manufactures a high quality industry standard medium duty mountable Fig 8 kerb.

The Kerbs are manufactured in high quality steel moulds, allowing for intense vibration during casting, giving the product a high quality smooth finish.

An industry standard minimum 25Mpa concrete mix is used for the production of the kerbs.

Fig 8 Kerb Specifications

Length (mm) 1000
Width (mm) 300
Height (mm) 150
Code Fig8
Texture Smooth
Average Unit Weight (Kg) 80
Compressive Strength (Mpa) 25
Quantity p/linear meter 1
Weight Kg/linear meter 80
Average Density 2.35


Fig 8 Kerb Applications

  • Used for roads, driveways and parking areas specifically (normally) as a mountable kerb (a kerb that allows access onto driveways and pavements)
  • Custom Crete uses high quality steel moulds which ensure dimensional accuracy
  • Custom Crete's steel moulds allow for accurately produced kerbs which ensure durable installation, and an aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Can be used for residential, industrial and commercial purposes

Fig 8 Kerb Delivery

Minimum Order Quantity

No minimum order quantities exist for the kerbing