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Beam Brick

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Custom Crete manufactures a uniquely sized "Beam" Brick, which has been succesfully used in RDP house construction.

The Beam Bricks are designed to be used with M140 block houses. The Beam bricks are sized to be used as a beam filling to easily create a cost effective "seal" between the roof and the top row of blocks.

The Beam brick can also be used as a method to create a roof brandering placement and locking mechanism.

The Beam Brick can also be used as a 60mm paving brick

Beam Brick Specifications

Length (mm) 150
Width (mm) 200
Height (mm) 60
Code RDP
Texture Grain
Average Unit Weight (Kg) 3
Compressive Strength (Mpa) 7
Quantity p/m² (along 200 x 60) 66
Weight Kg/m² 198
Average Density 1.9


Beam Brick Applications

  • Ideal for beam filling in Block house construction
  • Structurally stable – 4Mpa used walling and roofing applications
  • Suited for residential, industrial and commercial buildings

Beam Brick Delivery

Minimum Order Quantity

  • Delivered in pallettes of 500 bricks
  • Minimum order of 1000 bricks in multiples of 500

Orders smaller than the minimum order quantity may incur additional costs.