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14Mpa Load Bearing - NFX Bricks

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Custom Crete manufactures standard sized traditional building bricks which are used in a wide variety of building applications.

14Mpa Bricks (Load Bearing bricks) are used for residential buildings, structural walling and other similar applications.

14Mpa Specifications

Length (mm) 222
Width (mm) 106
Height (mm) 71
Code 14Mpa
Texture Grain
Average Unit Weight (Kg) 3
Compressive Strength (Mpa) 14
Quantity p/m² (along 222 x 71) 54
Weight Kg/m² 162
Average Density 1.9


14Mpa Applications

  • Ideal for most high strength engineered building applications
  • Structurally stable – 14Mpa used in structural walling in many applications
  • Suited for residential, industrial and commercial buildings

14Mpa Delivery

Minimum Order Quantity

  • Delivered in pallettes of 500 bricks
  • Minimum order of 1000 bricks in multiples of 500

Orders smaller than the minimum order quantity may incur additional costs.