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O-Ring Soil Retaining Blocks

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Custom Crete has a wide range of attractive cement retaining walls with exceptional features, offering the best in convenience, quality and service excellence where walls are between 0.5m and 2.5m.

This O-Ring is typically used in applications that encompass the use of plants in the wall.

Ideally suited for retaining cut or fill slopes between 0.5 and 2.5m in height.

The O-Ring is very easily installed and the user can either use the flat face or the round face giving the user options in design.

The O-Ring Retainers allow for excellenttransition through corners.

O-Ring Specifications

Length (mm) 320
Width (mm) 385
Height (mm) 200
Texture Grain
Average Unit Weight (Kg) 19
Compressive Strength (Mpa) 14
Quantity p/m² (along 320 x 200) 16
Weight Kg/m² 304
Average Density 2


O-Ring Applications

  • Ideal for Light or Medium duty retaining purposes
  • Structurally stable – dry stacking with no need for cement infill
  • Suited for individual projects
  • Plantable for improved looks and blending into existing landscaping
  • No Special tools required

O-Ring Delivery

Minimum Order Quantity

  • Delivered in pallettes of 60 blocks
  • Minimum order of 180 blocks in multiples of 60

Orders smaller than the minimum order quantity may incur additional costs.