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L200 Soil Retaining Blocks

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Custom Crete has a wide range of attractive cement retaining walls with exceptional features, offering the best in convenience, quality and service excellence where walls are between 0.5m and 2.5m.

This block's thickened base prevents it being crushed under the wall's own mass. Ideally suited for retaining cut or fill slopes between 0.5 and 2.5m in height.

L200 Specifications

Length (mm) 470
Width (mm) 230
Height (mm) 205
Code L200
Texture Grain
Average Unit Weight (Kg) 19
Compressive Strength (Mpa) 14
Quantity p/m² (along 470 x 230) 11
Weight Kg/m² 209
Average Density 2


L200 Delivery

Minimum Order Quantity

  • Delivered in pallettes of 80 blocks
  • Minimum order of 160 blocks in multiples of 80

Orders smaller than the minimum order quantity may incur additional costs.